Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Biggest Fan!!

 So I was deep cleaning my living room the other day and got to the ceiling fan and IT. WAS. DIRTY.  AND Gahhhahh-ROSS!! So I got up on my ladder and thought- "Okay...well... I paint everything else why not!  AND it would make an awesome makeover and even better it would make an awesome first blog makeover!"

So I'll take you through the steps:
1) Take it down- if you are not handy with tools or a ladder get your significant other or friend to help with this step!

2) Clean the DERN thing!!

 3) Take it apart- this will vary depending on your fan make and model. 
A few pieces needed sanding and cleaning they were kinda rusty!

4) Prime with metal primer, let dry then spray paint with your choice of color.  As you can see I chose a brushed nickel.  I wanted something light and airy I was tired of old grungy and dirty!

5) Prime and paint the fan blades- I chose Krylon Almond for this - again going for light and airy!

Primed light assembly

Close-up of light assembly painted the brushed nickel-


AAAAANNNNND!!!....... WAH-LAH!  A makeover for a new fan! 
Which cost me:
$2.98 - Spray paint (already had primer)
$30.00 for 6 new glass shades ( I hated the old tulip looking ones!)

I could have gone with a coppery paint or even a distressed white Frenchy Country look or even went black. The shape and scroll-y light arms kinda imitates a Steampunk-y look! 

Please leave comments and link back to me if you use my photos!  THANKS !

ALSO-- I would LOVE ! LOVE ! LOVE! to see your fan makeover!

Thanks for sharing in my journey!

Ciao Ya'll!

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  1. What a great transformation! The new glass is like the icing on the cake!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Darn those RH folks! Lol.