Friday, October 15, 2010

Rug Makeover!

I guess this project would definitely fall into the 'Other Junk' catagory!
Do you ever see those rugs in the magazines and stores and ooooooh and ahhh over them and then see the price tag (and then it's not so oooh and ahhh!) I know I do! So I thought "Hey I paint everything else- WHY NOT!"
So I purchased two rugs the other day at a local discount overstock store 'BIG LOTS' 
This one is 5'x6' and it will be the next rug I plan to paint (I threw away the tag from the one I had just painted and can't find the dern thing!)
This is the one I will be painting and it's a 3'x5' at $8.00

I tacked it to a door and leaned it against a wall -(I didn't want to put tacks in my newly painted wall!)

I then printed out a design on transparency film-

And I projected it up on the rug with my Handy Dandy projector!

I then traced it out on the rug with a paint pen- however you can use a magic marker-

Here is the rug after I traced the design

I used an outdoor flat paint because I don't want the paint to flake or wear off from being walked on or from regular vacuuming.  (Outdoor paint  is great for this type of painting- think about it it's outdoor paint.  It gets rained on, snowed on, hailed on, and generally beaten up by the elements!)

Here is the after! (Notice my teenagers foot?  He's about to walk on it and I told him
"NO! It's not dry yet!" he looked at me like I was crazy!) As a matter of fact I laughed when I came up with this idea and thought maybe I am crazy- Or maybe just craz-ily creative!

Thanks for sharing in my journey!  Sooooo go out and buy a rug and create your own designs!  Please share your rugs with me I'd LOVE to see them!




  1. would love to see some text with these pics. Did you use a stencil on an overhead machine? What type of paint.

  2. Hi Deb and Mark! Sorry about not posting the text! We were having connectivity issues when I had posted this and my puter spasm-ed! So you should she the text now! Thanks for commenting!