Friday, October 22, 2010

Following along so far?! I haven't posted lately for the following (really good) reasons;

Hey gals (and fellas) if you follow!  I haven't been posting because I've been really super busy!

1) I've repainted the kitchen and dining room - I went from a yellow faux-sponge-stone-tuscan-mustard look to a more neutral-buy-my-house look!! I did this treatment 4 years ago WAAAAAYYYY before I became professional at doing wall finishes! Every time I looked at it I thought "WOW! If what I know about wall finishes, plaster and texture and paint today is the equivalent of having gone to college and obtained a degree, then that yellow faux-sponge-stone-tuscan-mustard look would be like my kindergarten project!"

AND after that I then decided that my red kitchen walls "HAVE TA GO!!" After long deliberation, scratching my head, and trying to decided on the perfect shade looking at paint swatch after paint swatch- I went with two cans of ooops paint in my garage!! Imagine that!  The perfect shade right under my nose! Prairie Dance by Valspar- Definitely a neutral-buy-my-house color.  But it does make everything look very fresh and updated!  I HEART it. A lot.

2) I've decided that I don't have a place to work in- I mean a real workroom/office/crafting/sewing/painting/ all-about-me space!  So I decided that since we don't use our 'formal' dining area and it's a large space- well....I'm converting it to my workroom/office/crafting/sewing/painting/ all-about-me space!  So- now that it's freshly painted and the baseboards are repainted and cleaned up- it's a brand new space with lots of  potential!  I just have to figure out how to arrange the desks, tables, and the space in general.  Rather than wait for it all to come together by ear- I decided I'd better use a 'design board' you know clip images of stuff I like and tack them to a board.  So.......this post will be my 'design board'!  Maybe you folks will have other suggestions and ideas??!!!

Here are a few pics of my BEFORE's-

 Notice the "faux-tuscan-mustard-stone-sponged" finish!!?? Yeah, told you- KINDERGARTEN!!
 That hole got covered and patched- it's an old phone jack the circle kind with the strange plug!  I figure whoever buys the house later on- will have a cell phone.  I mean who has land lines nowadays?

They (whoever 'THEY" are in the 'THEY BUILDING', wherever 'THEY' work) says that colors in your kitchen can affect your eating habits.  This site contains info on picking colors for your kitchen here.  So according to them- I should feel twice as hungry and eat twice as less- YEAH RIGHT!!  Tell that to my waistline and hips! HA HA!

My pretty blue lamp- I did a makeover on her go here to take a look- not a bad deal for only $6.00 at the local GW.  I also bought a new harp $4.00 and finial $2.00 - totaling $12.00. 

So stay tuned for the 'Big Reveal'!!!

Thanks for sharing in my journey!
Ciao Ya'll!



  1. Hi! I just found your blog from the Crafting with the Stars auditions. I hope you keep posting your projects, I love all of them so far. I subscribed in my reader.

  2. Hi Tiffany Thanks! I just started and in the process of organizing and getting crafts and projects ready!! AND I love comments!

    Thanks for following!